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Testing the system

The SWAN system consists of one executable file (swan.exe), a command file (swan.edt) and a run procedure (swanrun.bat or swanrun). Depending on your system, you may use 32-bit or 64-bit executable. These executables for Windows 7/8.1/10 can be obtained from the SWAN web site. The input and output to a number of test problems is provided on the SWAN web page. The files with extension swn are the command files for these tests; the files with extension bot are the bottom files for these tests, etc. This input can be used to make a configuration test of SWAN on your computer. Compare the results with those in the provided output files. Note that the results need not to be identical up to the last digit.

To run the SWAN program for the test cases, at least 50 MBytes of free internal memory is recommended. For more realistic cases 100 to 500 MBytes may be needed, whereas for more simple stationary or 1D cases significant less memory is needed (less than 5 MBytes for 1D cases).

The SWAN team 2017-10-26