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Compiling and running unstructured mesh SWAN in parallel

In order to efficiently carry out high-resolution simulations with the unstructured mesh version of SWAN, a parallel code is build using message passing paradigm and tested on a commodity computer cluster. In parallelizing unstructured mesh version of SWAN, we employ the same paradigm as applied in the circulation model ADCIRC ( and so the parallel version of the unstructured mesh SWAN model uses the same domain decomposition and localized communication as the parallel version of ADCIRC. For a proper use, version 50 or higher of ADCIRC must be employed.

For details on the implementation and use of the coupled ADCIRC + SWAN model, go to

It is assumed that the unstructured mesh is stored in the file fort.14 and the associated model domain information is stored in fort.15 and that these files are yet available.


The SWAN team 2017-10-26