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Sourceforge page
Visit the Sourceforge page of SWAN.

SWASH is a general-purpose numerical tool for simulating non-hydrostatic, free-surface, rotational flows and provides a general basis for describing complex changes to rapidly varied flows and wave transformations in coastal waters.

The objective of WAVCIS (wave-current information system) is to provide wave information (sea state) including wave height, period, direction of propagation, water level, surge, near surface current speed and direction and meteorological conditions on a real time basis around the entire Louisiana coast.

ADCIRC Coastal Circulation and Storm Surge Model
ADCIRC is a system of computer programs for solving time dependent, free surface circulation and transport problems in two and three dimensions. These programs utilize the finite element method in space allowing the use of highly, flexible, unstructured grids. A dynamic coupling between ADCIRC and SWAN is available.

Visit this page for more details on the tightly-coupled SWAN+ADCIRC package.

Metocean Modelling and Data Services of BMT ARGOSS.

WAVEWATCH III is a third-generation wave model developed at NOAA/NCEP in the spirit of the WAM model. It is a later development of the model WAVEWATCH I, as developed at Delft University of Technology and WAVEWATCH II, developed at NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center. It nevertheless differs from its predecessors on all important points, such as governing equations, the models structure, numerical methods and physical parameterizations.

This document is partly based on Chapter III of "Dynamics and Modelling of Ocean Waves" by Komen et al, 1994. For more background information on the fundamentals of wave prediction models this book comes highly recommended.

Digital Hydraulics Holland
DHH provides services and SWAN-related products (e.g. courses and GUI stuff). Particularly meant for engineers and consultants.