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Downloadable files

SWAN source code
The source code of SWAN 41.20 can be downloaded here. This distribution may be implemented on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix and macOS, provided a Fortran90 compiler is available. Please consult the enclosed README files. Detailed information on implementation of SWAN on your computer can be found in the Implementation Manual. Please refer to this page for possible bug fixes.

SWAN binaries for MS Windows
Binary distributions of SWAN 41.20 for Windows 7/8.1/10 are also provided. They come in a number of flavours. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of SWAN are available. The 64-bit version requires an x64 edition of Windows 7, 8.1 or 10. It cannot be installed on a 32-bit OS, even if it is hosted on a 64-bit computer. On the other hand, the 32-bit executable can be run on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

To install SWAN for serial runs on your Windows PC without support for netCDF output, download and run the Setup Wizard (size: 3.14 MB) or download and run another Wizard (size: 3.12 MB) that follow the OpenMP 2.0 standard. This will be particularly useful for those users who have a multiple core PC.

To be able to output netCDF files (e.g. spectra, tables and maps), you may download and run the 32-bit SWAN+netCDF Installer (size: 2.41 MB) for serial runs or the 32-bit SWAN+OpenMP+netCDF Installer (size: 2.48 MB) for OpenMP runs. Note that only the 32-bit versions of SWAN that support netCDF are available.

Alternatively, you may download and run the SWAN Windows IA32 Installer without support for netCDF (size: 2.20 MB) or SWAN+MPI+netCDF Windows IA32 Installer (size: 2.68 MB) for use on a multi-core 32-bit Windows PC or the SWAN Windows EM64T Installer without support for netCDF (size: 2.34 MB) for use on a multi-core 64-bit Windows PC.

The free MPICH software needs to be installed before installing an MPI executable of SWAN. You may either download a 32-bit MPICH2 binary package or a 64-bit MPICH2 binary package. For a proper installation of MPICH2 on Windows (7/8.1/10), please consult this page. Be aware that a 64-bit SWAN executable needs 64-bit MPICH2 libraries and a 32-bit SWAN executable needs 32-bit MPICH2 libraries.

Below an overiew of different Windows wizards:

32-bit or 64-bit single core OpenMP
32-bit single core+netCDF OpenMP+netCDF MPI MPI+netCDF
64-bit MPI

For your convenience, both the batch and edit files are included. Also, in case of MPI runs, the concatenation program hcat.exe is included.

The information about the SWAN package is distributed over four different documents. The User Manual describes the complete input and usage of the SWAN package. This document is also available in PDF format. The Implementation Manual explains the installation procedure of SWAN on a single- or multi-processor machine with shared or distributed memory. This document is also available in PDF format. The Programming rules is meant for programmers who want to develop SWAN. This document is also available in PDF format. The Scientific/technical documentation discusses the physical and mathematical details and the discretizations that are used in the SWAN program. This document is also available in PDF format.

Conversion programs are provided to convert the old 1D and 2D spectra files generated by a SWAN version older than 40.00 into the current format.

Test cases
Five examples of test cases can be downloaded for your own purpose of testing SWAN on your computer. These examples consist of command files and data. Four examples are academic tests: a refraction test, a shoaling test, a slanted current test and a diffraction test. The other example is the Haringvliet field case. Detailed documentation on these tests can be found in Ris et al. (1999): A third-generation wave model for coastal regions, Part II: Verification, J. Geoph. Res., C4, 104, 7997-7681 and Holthuijsen et al. (2003): Phase-decoupled refraction-diffraction for spectral wave models, Coast. Engng., 49, 291-305.

Since version 40.72, use of flexible meshes can be handled as well. Only triangular meshes may be employed. For the Haringvliet case, an example of unstructured grid is provided. The resolution of this grid depends on the bathymetry and has been constructed by means of the Matlab interface BatTri. (This program, however, called Triangle for the actual grid generation.) The results of this test case are provided as well. You may plot the grid and the maps of several wave parameters in Matlab by means of the Matlab scripts plotgrid.m and plotunswan.m.

The examples are complete with output files from our own test runs. These results can be compared on one hand with the analytical solutions that are supplied in numerical form and on the other hand observations at several buoy locations for the Haringvliet case.

Old SWAN versions
The following old (non-supported) versions of SWAN available for download:

SWAN 41.10AB
This is the previous stable release of SWAN.